Saturday, March 30, 2013

This kid booked a big job!

Last month, on the evening of Ashton's sleepover birthday, he had a big audition. It was bad timing because it was literally an hour before his friends were to arrive, but this one was big and we made it work. The next day we got an email saying that "Ashton is a finalist and client requests that he please not cut his hair!" So we figured we might get the job. A few days later I got a call saying that unfortunately the job had been cancelled all together and that our agency was sad because they were pretty sure that Ashton was going to get it. We were sad, but hopefully they will reschedule this job.

A few weeks ago we got an email about a possible Panasonic tv commercial. With modeling usually there is a photo selection first and then if you pass that you are invited to an audition. There are usually hundreds of kids auditioning. Our kids belong to 2 different agencies, so we usually go with whoever calls or emails us first about a job. I told one of the agents to submit Ashton's photo and we would go from there. He got back to me and said that the client would like him to audition at 1:00 that Friday. I was reluctant because I don't like him to miss school for an audition. Usually with the bigger clients they aren't too flexible with changing your audition time because they have so many to get through. I sent back an email to our agency asking if there was any way that Ashton could come after school instead. He got back with me and said that the clients really want to see him, and that we could pick a time to audition (preferably before 5 because that's when they ended). 
We met our agent at the train station and as we were walking to the audition he told us that they submitted 25 boys pictures (fitting the criteria for the client) and they only chose Ashton to come audition. I was happy to hear that, but knew there were still kids from other agencies auditioning. We got to the venue and waited a few minutes before being called back. As usual they had a panel of people behind a table and TV camera (they like to see how the kids look on TV). They gave Ashton the scoop and 10 minutes later we were done. The next afternoon, I got an email saying that Ashton was a finalist but the client was changing the shoot date and they would get back with me with the details. I couldn't believe that it was happening again! I told Tommy that it was going to get cancelled or something! 
Yesterday we took the boys out for a fun outing and during lunch I checked my phone. I had an email from our agency saying that Ashton booked the Panasonic job! We are thrilled. The TV commercial is worldwide. What a cool experience this will be for him :) Ashton's one request was "Now can I get Mine Craft on the x-box?" Up until now he has been playing on the iPad and has been asking for it on the tv for a while. This seemed like a good reward for his good news!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy spring...from Japan

It's spring break! I love having all of our kids home :) 

Monday, March 18, 2013

I had to improvise...

Ashton's music video isn't viewable in the, here it is recorded onto my phone.
The quality is very low because for one, it's a recording off of the computer onto my phone and two, I had to compress the video using an editing program in order for it to be small enough to upload to blogger. But we have been asked a bunch to share so until we get a hard copy of the video, this will have to do :)

**Ashton just asked why this copy was so blurry---- sorry bud :(

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our week(end)

I want to do a better job at documenting simple things that happen in our  lives. I want to look back and read about the every day type things that we do. Yes, the big accomplishments and activities are important but those are only a small part of what goes on... 

As usual, this weekend flew by. 
Even though it is stressful, I really do enjoy getting out and going with the boys to their different modeling jobs and auditions. It gets us out and about and we are always seeing new things. Weston looked forward to riding the train with me and Ashton to his job after school on Wednesday. It was suppose to be a 2 hour job, but ended up wrapping in about 20 minutes. Ashton is really getting it down. He has all of his poses and "faces" for modeling perfected and of course the clients love it. I'm sure Ashton is really liking all of the attention he gets too. At his job on Friday, they asked him what kind of music he wanted playing over the sound system while they were shooting. Of course he chose Michael Jackson. The photographer was really cool and was dancing around with Ashton. They got some really fun pictures. Our walk back to the train station was very nice. The weather is getting warmer and we enjoyed basking in the sun. 
Friday evening Tommy, Ashton, Weston and I went to a gyoza making party. The twins stayed home with Nana. It was a very fun night and the food was amazing! We were absolutely stuffed after.
Saturday us and the big boys went to Costco for some lunch and shopping. We ended the day with some park time and bike riding. The twins missed their brothers while we were at Costco, but enjoyed chasing them around the park. They can't get enough of the slides :)
We are looking forward to spring and warmer weather!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Enjoying the journey (just breathe)!

Our nanny gave the babies these toys for their birthday

We took Weston out for lunch on his day off of school

Fluoride treatment :/


Soccer fun :)

More birthday gifts!

Weston is such a great athlete!

Ashton took this pic of Nixon and I at on of his modeling jobs

My handsome Ashton

This is when Cooper wasn't feeling well :/

Nixon's favorite hideout 

Nerf gun wars

Snuggle time

This is seriously the best stroller- It is so compact and sleek. The chairs can face forward, backward or towards each other. This stroller is great around the city.

Life is BUSY!!
 I find myself checking and rechecking my phones calendar whenever I have down time because I'm afraid that I am forgetting something. We got through February and our busy month of birthdays. Soccer, Karate and modeling eats up most of our time. But, it gets us out of the house and enjoying life here in Japan. Yes, it gets stressful. Yesterday, Ashton had a job and I had NO idea where I was going. But as usual, everything worked out and we made it. I am learning to take deep breaths and try and enjoy the journey :)
Cooper randomly came down with a fever a few Sundays ago. I was so upset because the flu had just passed through all of us. Why was he sick AGAIN?!? By Tuesday his fever hadn't broken, so we called the doctor and he told us he would just come by the house and check him out. Everything looked fine and I was told to just wait it out. Of course, that night his fever broke. A few days later his molar teeth popped through the gums. Suddenly, the fever/fussiness made sense! Poor baby :)
We can't believe that spring is almost here. We have had some nice, warm days but there are cold days still amongst them. I'm looking forward to warmer weather and more outings-we have a lot to see still!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

6th birthday sleepover success !!

These boys know how to party :)

 Playing Just Dance!

 Opening gifts

Cake and ice cream time!

 Saturday morning lego building

 waffle breakfast

Ashton decided on a sleepover party this year to celebrate his 6th birthday. The boys had fun eating, playing x-box and Kinect, watching 'Wreck it Ralph', playing nerf guns and swords and of course telling ghost stories at bedtime :) Saturday morning we woke up and made a big waffle breakfast and then took the kids out to the park and field for more fun. 
Everyone seemed to have a great time!

Monday, March 4, 2013

The 100th day of school

Both boys celebrated their 100th days of school last week. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of Ashton, but I was able to spend the morning in Weston's classroom and snap a few pictures. We did some fun activities involving the number 100 and even got to dance to Gangnam Style! It was a fun day :)