Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Enjoying the journey (just breathe)!

Our nanny gave the babies these toys for their birthday

We took Weston out for lunch on his day off of school

Fluoride treatment :/


Soccer fun :)

More birthday gifts!

Weston is such a great athlete!

Ashton took this pic of Nixon and I at on of his modeling jobs

My handsome Ashton

This is when Cooper wasn't feeling well :/

Nixon's favorite hideout 

Nerf gun wars

Snuggle time

This is seriously the best stroller- It is so compact and sleek. The chairs can face forward, backward or towards each other. This stroller is great around the city.

Life is BUSY!!
 I find myself checking and rechecking my phones calendar whenever I have down time because I'm afraid that I am forgetting something. We got through February and our busy month of birthdays. Soccer, Karate and modeling eats up most of our time. But, it gets us out of the house and enjoying life here in Japan. Yes, it gets stressful. Yesterday, Ashton had a job and I had NO idea where I was going. But as usual, everything worked out and we made it. I am learning to take deep breaths and try and enjoy the journey :)
Cooper randomly came down with a fever a few Sundays ago. I was so upset because the flu had just passed through all of us. Why was he sick AGAIN?!? By Tuesday his fever hadn't broken, so we called the doctor and he told us he would just come by the house and check him out. Everything looked fine and I was told to just wait it out. Of course, that night his fever broke. A few days later his molar teeth popped through the gums. Suddenly, the fever/fussiness made sense! Poor baby :)
We can't believe that spring is almost here. We have had some nice, warm days but there are cold days still amongst them. I'm looking forward to warmer weather and more outings-we have a lot to see still!


Lindsey Ellis said...

My one and only stroller <3

Rosemary said...

The boys are all growing up so fast! I bet it is so much fun to see Nixon and Coopers little personalities come through. Your boys are all so handsome for sure. It's a busy busy time of life but so happy for you that you are enjoying the journey!