Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our week(end)

I want to do a better job at documenting simple things that happen in our  lives. I want to look back and read about the every day type things that we do. Yes, the big accomplishments and activities are important but those are only a small part of what goes on... 

As usual, this weekend flew by. 
Even though it is stressful, I really do enjoy getting out and going with the boys to their different modeling jobs and auditions. It gets us out and about and we are always seeing new things. Weston looked forward to riding the train with me and Ashton to his job after school on Wednesday. It was suppose to be a 2 hour job, but ended up wrapping in about 20 minutes. Ashton is really getting it down. He has all of his poses and "faces" for modeling perfected and of course the clients love it. I'm sure Ashton is really liking all of the attention he gets too. At his job on Friday, they asked him what kind of music he wanted playing over the sound system while they were shooting. Of course he chose Michael Jackson. The photographer was really cool and was dancing around with Ashton. They got some really fun pictures. Our walk back to the train station was very nice. The weather is getting warmer and we enjoyed basking in the sun. 
Friday evening Tommy, Ashton, Weston and I went to a gyoza making party. The twins stayed home with Nana. It was a very fun night and the food was amazing! We were absolutely stuffed after.
Saturday us and the big boys went to Costco for some lunch and shopping. We ended the day with some park time and bike riding. The twins missed their brothers while we were at Costco, but enjoyed chasing them around the park. They can't get enough of the slides :)
We are looking forward to spring and warmer weather!

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Rosemary said...

Wow, the twins are getting so big. It must be fun to have four fun boys running around you all the time. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the video . . it was pretty neat.