Monday, March 18, 2013

I had to improvise...

Ashton's music video isn't viewable in the, here it is recorded onto my phone.
The quality is very low because for one, it's a recording off of the computer onto my phone and two, I had to compress the video using an editing program in order for it to be small enough to upload to blogger. But we have been asked a bunch to share so until we get a hard copy of the video, this will have to do :)

**Ashton just asked why this copy was so blurry---- sorry bud :(


Kathy Bell said...

that is SO AWESOME! Is it creepy to say that gave me chills? haha. Ashton is so cool and he looks like a pro!! Way to go Ashton!

Marianne and Brad said...

Woo go Ashton!! That is so cool! He is so awesome!