Friday, August 21, 2009

Partners in crime!

The boys were suppose to be playing with the legos I brought into my room for them during my shower... but I guess they wanted to "paint" with a concealer stick instead. Looks fun to me! Didn't Ashton do such a great job decorating Westons face? Ha ha ha!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love the idea of having a wall full of fun pictures of our family in different sizes and frames. This is the beginning of that project. I say 'beginning' because I want to add so many more over time. It was tricky trying to put them up with 2 curious boys wanting to help, but it was worth the work!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Shout out to the east coast

He can't wait to play with it...
and neither can Ashton!!
New BYU gear!
I was tickling Weston trying to get hime to smile :)

Thank you grandma & grandpa Bell, Kimmie and Katie! The boys-yes both- love the new toy!
The card was super cute too!

We love weekends!

Our weekend (quickly) consisted of dentist visits, (Ashton loves his new toothbrush and riding in the dental chair) park time, and lots of picture taking. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dress for success!!

As I was getting dressed this morning, Ashton asked me if I was getting ready for work. After much discussion I realized that he relates button up shirts with going to work since Tommy wears a suit or at least a button up to work everyday. I hardly ever wear "dress shirts" so he obviously thought today I was off to work. After I finished getting ready I asked him if he wanted to go to work too, and he gladly obliged. We went and picked him out a button up shirt to wear, and of course we had to get one for Weston too. All day today he has been pretending to go to work so I have entertained his imagination with playing along. We typed on the computer for a while, read a book and had our lunch break. All things that Daddy does at work (we did break for nap time-don't think Tommy gets one of those). It's been fun acting "work day" out with Ashton and can't wait 'til he's old enough to go to work with Tommy for a day :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In the market for a good pre-school!

Montessori School of San Diego? $560.00/month

Mission Bay Montessori Academy? $8,950/year

Montessori School of La Jolla? $690.00/month

Gettin' our little dude Ashton a start at a good education?


We are beginning the process of looking/touring pre-schools for Ashton. I wanted to start him in January hoping there would be a spring enrollment but that fails to be the case. All the schools start in September, so I think we will wait until next year. This will hopefully give us plenty of time to get on waiting lists, and go through the process of "getting into" a good pre-school (it's like getting into college-there are interviews, screenings, medical checks, paper work galore, visits, tours, call-backs etc.) He is ready to go though. He constantly asks if he can go to school with Alexa (my sister) and get a Go Diego Go backpack;)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun photos

I especially love being a SAHM on days like today. When the boys and I can take as much time as we want to have fun with our camera. We don't have to worry about schedules or calendars, it's just us and a good time. Today we got more of Ashton because Westie bear was too wiggly and wanted to explore upstairs. That was ok with us. We will get him another day. I am still figuring out my SLR and today I shot on manual. It was fun trying to figure everything out, and see what every setting would produce. Hope you enjoy:)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a view!

These beautiful sunsets are what we have been enjoying the past few evenings in our backyard.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

By george I think he's got it!

**2 days + one smart kid = no more diapers for Ashton!**

We got back from our trip and got right to work potty training Ashton. I think he's been ready for a while, but our vacation put us on hold for a little while. He had it down to a science on the second day. And now it's been over a week, and he has had only ONE accident. I know I'm bragging, but we are just so proud of this kid that I feel he deserves a post like this. We had heard the horror stories, and the warnings of not being able to leave the house for weeks until they were trained, but we never changed our schedules once. We went out to dinner, shopping etc. and he would tell us every time he needed to go. We are still in pull-ups at night, but will soon be rid of those too! Great job Ashton-we are so proud of you!

**Ashton always lets me know that "he doesn't wear diapers anymore, but that Weston does. Westons not a big boy yet". **

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Westons birthday take 2

Me and the birthday boy

opening gifts
getting rinsed off at the sink after cake
Enjoying treats
Our party guests

The decorations

the cake-made with love, frustration (thanks to fondant), and 2 hours of hard work!

Since we were out of town and limited for space (for presents and such) on Westons real birthday, we decided to throw another one. Complete with a cake, decorations and presents, this "circle" themed party was a success! We were ecstatic to hear that great grandma and grandpa Bell were coming to help us celebrate! We also were able to kind of have Tommys family with us thanks to Skype. Both Ashton and Weston enjoyed opening the gifts, and feasting on cookies and cupcakes. Weston was so messy after his cake that I had to hose him off in the sink. Today was such a special day spent with special people. Having great grandma and grandpa Bell here made it so much more fun. Thank you for everyone who Skyped with us (Tom, Rose, Kimmie, Katie) and helped us celebrate Westies special day! Happy Birthday big boy!