Wednesday, August 5, 2009

By george I think he's got it!

**2 days + one smart kid = no more diapers for Ashton!**

We got back from our trip and got right to work potty training Ashton. I think he's been ready for a while, but our vacation put us on hold for a little while. He had it down to a science on the second day. And now it's been over a week, and he has had only ONE accident. I know I'm bragging, but we are just so proud of this kid that I feel he deserves a post like this. We had heard the horror stories, and the warnings of not being able to leave the house for weeks until they were trained, but we never changed our schedules once. We went out to dinner, shopping etc. and he would tell us every time he needed to go. We are still in pull-ups at night, but will soon be rid of those too! Great job Ashton-we are so proud of you!

**Ashton always lets me know that "he doesn't wear diapers anymore, but that Weston does. Westons not a big boy yet". **


Durrant said...

Such a good feeling to have them potty trained!! Yay for Ashton! What a big boy!

ej said...

I had fear about PT a boy from everything I'd heard but Kohen was by far the easiest and picked it right up. Maybe boys have been given a bad wrap when it comes to PT. Way to go Ashton! Enjoy your outta diaper toddler- you are 50% done with potty training your children, that's worth a party right there! :)

Kristie said...

YAY big boy Ashton!