Saturday, August 1, 2009

Westons birthday take 2

Me and the birthday boy

opening gifts
getting rinsed off at the sink after cake
Enjoying treats
Our party guests

The decorations

the cake-made with love, frustration (thanks to fondant), and 2 hours of hard work!

Since we were out of town and limited for space (for presents and such) on Westons real birthday, we decided to throw another one. Complete with a cake, decorations and presents, this "circle" themed party was a success! We were ecstatic to hear that great grandma and grandpa Bell were coming to help us celebrate! We also were able to kind of have Tommys family with us thanks to Skype. Both Ashton and Weston enjoyed opening the gifts, and feasting on cookies and cupcakes. Weston was so messy after his cake that I had to hose him off in the sink. Today was such a special day spent with special people. Having great grandma and grandpa Bell here made it so much more fun. Thank you for everyone who Skyped with us (Tom, Rose, Kimmie, Katie) and helped us celebrate Westies special day! Happy Birthday big boy!


The Crowley's said...

awesome cake- you have major skills! love that boys eyes too.

Rosemary said...

Glad we could be a small part of the action today. Happy that Great grandparents could be there. The boys are adorable. Love you guys and Happy Birthday Weston :)

ej said...

That is a great looking cake- you'd never know the frustration that might've gone into it, lol. Looks like a fun party, Happy Birthday Weston!

Marianne said...

happy birthday westy!!! we miss you!

Durrant said...

Great job with the cake! It turned out great! Wish we lived closer to practice fondant with each other... it can definitely be frustrating!! Happy Birthday again Weston cutie pants!!