Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jackson hole, Yellowstone and Westons 1st birthday...Whew!

The Grand Tetons!
Riding the new tram at Jackson Hole
Beautiful scenery everywhere we turned
At 10,400 feet
Riding the covered wagon to dinner. Our horses names were "Daisy" and "Duke"!
Cowgirl Alexa and Cowboy Weston
Jameson, Alexa and Ashton go to participate in the show during dinner!
What a handsome mountain man
"MiMi" (what Ashton calls my mom) and Westie bear
The boys are tuckered out from all of the fun!!!

My CRAZY family
The brown bear Tommy got a picture of.
My sis, Ashton and I
Old Faithful, still amazing
Ashton loved all of the hot pots
Weston getting some birthday kisses :)
More birthday kisses!
Getting ready to blow out candles
Both boys enjoying Westons birthday gift from my family
Weston *complete with cake on his face* opening his gift
What an awesome 1 year old!

We are now back home, and enjoying getting settled back into our routines. Our vacations were amazing and we were blessed to be able to do so many things with so many people we love. The last part of our trip was time in Jackson hole and Yellowstone. I have so many great memories from these places thanks to summers spent there growing up. My dad had a whole lot of fun planned and we hit Jackson full force. We got to stay in some really cute cabins. My family was right next door, so it was easy to get together and visit late into the night.We went on a tram ride to the top of a mountain, went on a wagon ride to dinner and a show complete with cowboys, indians and mountain men. We walked and shopped all of the cool stores along Jacksons main street . We also enjoyed "Grease with a western twist" at the Jackson Play House, Yellowstone National Park, some geysers, yummy food and so much more. While driving through Yellowstone we noticed a crowd of people standing and taking pictures of something and soon found out that it was a bear that they were tracking. Tommy hurried out of the car equiped with the camera and got some great shots of the bear (might I add that the bear was really close, and I was nervous the whole time he was out of the car). We were also lucky enough to be able to celebrate Westons 1st birthday on the 23rd with my family. He enjoyed a dump truck cake, and when I say enjoyed I mean it (what's not to love? It was chocolate!) All in all it was a really fun filled time. The boys got so much attention from everyone, and loved playing with my siblings. Thank you for letting us come to Jackson with you. We had a great time, and love all of the memories we made!


The Crowley's said...

I love Jackson Hole- looks like a great party!

Durrant said...

Happy Birthday Weston! What a fun birthday! Still can't believe that he is 1! They grow up too fast! What a little cutie!