Sunday, July 19, 2009

Even more fun!

Weston having fun with the flowers (a.k.a. picking them!)
At the water park getting ready to eat lunch
My dads 50th birthday cake
Ashton and Weston watching a movie (cars :))
Zonked out after a long day of playing
The water slide at our family reunion (Weston and Jameson)
JJ and Ashton on the slide
Some of the party guests (singing happy birthday)
My dad opening his gifts (Jameson admiring the gift!)
Ashton and Weston eating corn on the cob-Yuuummmm1
Ashton dressed up as a wounded soldier
My sister Alexa and Westie bear
Ashton after my dads party
Ashton taking a cat nap at the water park with his snack
Ashton and Grandpa blowing out the candles

Well, we are still having tons of fun and we keep taking more and more pictures (believe me it's been a chore trying to choose what pictures to post). We enjoyed yet another family reunion and had fun playing, splashing, eating, visiting and catching up with everyone. We have also been lucky enough to explore some different water parks this vacation. The boys have been great and Ashton even went down the "scary" water slide with Uncle JJ (one with dark tunnels). When we asked him if it was fun he shook his head and said "too scary" ha! We also were able to celebrate my dads 50th birthday. THANK YOU to everyone who made the trip! It wouldn't have been the same without you. We definitely pulled off the surprise (even after a few white lies to cover up some questions from dad) and it all came together quite nicely. We were literally running all morning non-stop! All in all it was a great time. The food was awesome (mexican, my dads favorite) and the company even better. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Here's to 50+ more years right?:) Our vacation is slowly coming to an end. We have been 11 days without Tommy, but he will be here Tuesday night to join us for the conclusion of our vacay (Jackson/Yellowston with my fam). We are excited to see daddy, and look forward to some rest/relaxation/playing in a few days. Stay tuned for more updates!!


ej said...

Glad you've been having so much fun, helps the time pass until Dad comes back, huh? Lot's of fun pics, love how Ashton fell asleep snuggled up to his snack, lol.

The Crowley's said...

love the pic of your boys sleeping together- i hope my boys are like that some day!

Carina said...

Ashton look so much older! Maybe it's his hair being down, or having him look right at the camera. So handsome.