Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What we have been up to

Weston at the wedding
Weston trying on some girlie boots
Grandma and Westie bear at the wedding
Checking out the pool
Marianne and Westie
Watching everyone slip n slide
At the 4th of July bbq
Ashton and I braving the slip n slide
Uncle Jeff and Ashton cleaning up
All the guys
Cruisin' in the jeep
Our boys loooove ice cream

Ashton going down a water slide
Ashton getting uncle Peter
With grandma in the hot tub
Ashton loved floating around the pool
4th of July
We have had so much fun this far on our vacation... and it's only half over. Here are a few pictures of everything so far. We spent a week in Idaho at Tommy's granparents farm. We visited with family, had bbq's, played on the slip n slide, went to a water park, did fireworks and much much more. It was a jammed packed week. We then drove to Utah and had a great time and Bradley and Marianne's wedding in Bountiful. It was fun to be a part of that. Tommy flew home after the wedding and will be there for another week and then he will meet back up with us for some fun in Jackson hole. We will post more soon of some more activities and reunions we have been doing.

We miss you daddy! We will see you soon!!!


Jackie said...

Shayna you are so beautiful! I love that picture of you and Ashton on the slip n slide. So cute. I love your blog---you're always so happy and positive about being a mother---it's a rare thing to see.

Templin Family said...

You guys look great!! How fun to spend a week on a farm. I cant wait to hear how things went on your trip. Send me an email when you guys get back! Enjoy your family and the rest of your vacation. Miss ya!!

Carina said...

WOW! That's not what I pictured for a visit on "the farm". SO glad you're having fun. I can't wait for Wayne to finish his training so we can get on with SUMMER! Wish we could have seen you, but I love seeing your boys grow up through your blog. :) And your arms are buff. :)

Rosemary said...

We had so much fun with everyone. Ashton and Weston are so cute and fun. It seems like the time went by far to quickly. Look forward to next time. Love you.