Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In the market for a good pre-school!

Montessori School of San Diego? $560.00/month

Mission Bay Montessori Academy? $8,950/year

Montessori School of La Jolla? $690.00/month

Gettin' our little dude Ashton a start at a good education?


We are beginning the process of looking/touring pre-schools for Ashton. I wanted to start him in January hoping there would be a spring enrollment but that fails to be the case. All the schools start in September, so I think we will wait until next year. This will hopefully give us plenty of time to get on waiting lists, and go through the process of "getting into" a good pre-school (it's like getting into college-there are interviews, screenings, medical checks, paper work galore, visits, tours, call-backs etc.) He is ready to go though. He constantly asks if he can go to school with Alexa (my sister) and get a Go Diego Go backpack;)


sharielle:) said...

hahahhah i fetching love that picture!!!

ej said...

The whole preschool at the cost of college tuition is so lame. We are dealing with it now though for once there isn't a waiting list. I think you'll be happy with your choice to wait just a little while longer and take your time choosing one. Love the pic, lol

Templin Family said...

He is getting so big!! I think Erik would keel over if we had to pay that much for preschool I knew we lived in Denver for a reason. I hope you find something you love and can afford :)