Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dress for success!!

As I was getting dressed this morning, Ashton asked me if I was getting ready for work. After much discussion I realized that he relates button up shirts with going to work since Tommy wears a suit or at least a button up to work everyday. I hardly ever wear "dress shirts" so he obviously thought today I was off to work. After I finished getting ready I asked him if he wanted to go to work too, and he gladly obliged. We went and picked him out a button up shirt to wear, and of course we had to get one for Weston too. All day today he has been pretending to go to work so I have entertained his imagination with playing along. We typed on the computer for a while, read a book and had our lunch break. All things that Daddy does at work (we did break for nap time-don't think Tommy gets one of those). It's been fun acting "work day" out with Ashton and can't wait 'til he's old enough to go to work with Tommy for a day :)


Durrant said...

Too funny! Look at how cute you guys are! Way cute pic! You are such a fun mommy!

sharielle:) said...

that is so so fun!! you are such a fun mom...can you come back down here and play work with me so i dont acutally have to go into cold stone!! ha love ya sis