Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break 2015

In the car, ready to go1
We stopped at Matsumoto castle on our way. This is an area Tommy served in on his mission. 

The boys love the real samurai 

Looking out the castle lookout points

Tommy has a picture from on his mission sitting in this exact place. 15 years later with his 4 boys

Cooper isn't too sure about the guy in this picture

Family photo in front of the castle

Our home away from home for the week
Fun house with heated floors 

first day of snowboarding!

They are all ready to go!

Because who wouldn't want to jump on a trampoline in the snow?!

Weston riding a panda

Snowball fights!

Ashton and Tommy at the top of the mountain

Me and Weston riding the lift

Stopping for some lunch

Yes, we had ice cream everyday!

Me and Weston getting ready to ride!

Cooper stayed in this position digging a hole in the snow for about 45 minutes

Fuji-san on our drive home

Hakone open air museum 

Hi Cooper!

Nixon at the top

Nixon all tangled up!

All of the boys enjoyed climbing in the nets

Rest time!

Hot spring foot spa :-)

We had a really fun spring break this year. We rented cabin and headed to Nagano to snowboard. On our way to Hakuba, we stopped at Matsumoto castle. It was a great way to break up the car ride and the kids enjoyed touring the grounds and castle. 

Once we arrived in Hakuba, we unloaded the car and then grabbed some pizza for dinner.
The next morning we got up to snowboard and play in the snow. 
There was a kid area with sleds and snow toys. It was a fun place for the twins and also Ashton and Weston when they needed a break from snowboarding.
On our 2nd day there, we put the twins in the daycare at the ski resort so that Tommy, me, Ashton and Weston could all board together. It was a fun day and the twins had a great time as well.

We took a break back at home in Tokyo on Thursday. 
Friday morning we drove out to Hakone to the open air museum. A lot of sculptures and paintings and 2 areas for the kids to climb and play. 

It's been a fun week and now begins our countdown to our move. 
Only 2 months left in Japan!

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