Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ashton is 8!

New skateboarding attire 

More skateboarding gear

and of course, star wars Vans

 Ashton and his friends eating dinner (Luke, Brendon, Luke, William, Ashton, Benjamin, Lucas and Weston)

 All of the boys watching a movie with popcorn

Ashton is 8!! 
He chose to have a sleepover with his closest friends. We did a How to Train Your Dragon 2 theme.
Both Ashton and Weston had modeling jobs after school but since they did so well, we finished early and were home an hour before the party started!

Friends arrived and the kids played until dinner. Ashton chose baked ziti and bread and it seemed to be a hit. After dinner was a few games on the Wii, then p.j. time to get ready for popcorn and the movie. 

It was a fun night and all of the kids had a good time! 
Happy 8th Birthday Ashton!!

Here are some of Ashton's favorites as of now...

Favorite color-----gold
Favorite food-----steak
Favorite movie-----Avengers
Favorite book------Tom Gates series
Favorite school subject-------PE and math
Favorite car-----Bugatti 
Favorite dessert-------Hershey's cookies and cream chocolate 
Favorite sport------soccer

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