Friday, March 6, 2015

Qian, me and Kiyomi

Out to lunch with my boys!

We walked from Qian's house to a pizza/ pasta place. Thanks to Kiyomi for snapping a quick picture!

This dog was seriously the sweetest, most gentle dog I have ever been around. She was amazing with these three year olds chasing her, teasing her and stealing her toys. When she would get tired, she would go rest under the dining room table:) The twins LOVED this dog!

Cooper and Ethan

Nixon, Ethan and puppy

Thanks to my friends Qian and Kiyomi, we had a kimono dressing day and it was awesome! Kiyomi came and picked me and the twins up and we headed to Qian's house. Qian's son Ethan is exactly the same age as the twins, so they were excited for a play day with him (and his dog!). 
We opted to go to lunch first and decided to walk (about 20 minutes) to the restaurant. No stroller, just big walker boys! 
When we got back to Qian's house, the twins were thrilled to find the elevator in her house! I think they played more on their personal elevator than they did in the playroom! And of course we can't forget about Ethan's dog. She was the kindest dog I have ever met. She loves kids and is so sweet and gentle.
While the kids played, Kiyomi took turns dressing (and teaching us about) us in a kimono. She brought about 7 for us to choose from, along with different obi's and accessories. I hadn't quite seen one like the one that I had picked. I loved the blue!

It was a fun, full day and I got home just in time for Karate. The twins on the other hand barely made it to 6:00 before they fell asleep for the night!

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Unknown said...

Stunning Kimonos! Shayna looked great! And the boys seemed to have a great time!