Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cooper and Nixon are 3!!

 And just like that, the twins are 3! 

Cooper is 104 cm
His favorite food is Japanese curry, Indian curry and naan, really anything with rice.
Favorite drink-Milk
His favorite movie is Thomas the Train.
Favorite book is Thomas the Train or Chuggington (thank you Shantel!)
Favorite color- Blue

Nixon is 98cm
Favorite food is Japanese curry or pizza :)
Favorite drink-Milk
Favorite movie is Thomas the train 
Favorite book is Chuggington or Ispy
Favorite color- Blue

The twins are big kids now! 
Riding scooters around the house, wrestling with their brothers, coloring, painting, looking at books and are potty trained!!!!! 
They are great playmates and try and keep up with Ashton and Weston. Their favorite time of day is probably when the big boys get home from school. 

We can't believe how fast these last 3 years have gone. The twins have been a great addition (and ending!) to our family :) 
We love you twinners!

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Unknown said...

Happy birthday to the twins! Such good looking boys, always looking great! Thanks for Mom and Dad for raising them right! All my love, Gpa Bell