Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ashton + UNIQLO

Ashton has enjoyed working for UNIQLO this past year. The jobs are on the weekend or after school, so we really appreciate them making school a priority. 
 A couple of weekends ago, he was doing another shoot for them. When Ashton came in, they had his favorite chocolate and orange drink waiting for him. When he began shooting, they turned on Michael Jackson because that's what he requested every time. It was fun that they did that for him :)

It's really fun seeing him in the stores all over and online. Tommy is able to show his Japanese friends and clients Ashton so that is fun as well.
Ashton said at school his friends and teachers say they see him at the stores and online. 

It's nice to have these great photos and memories.


Unknown said...

Great work Ashton! You are one good looking young man! Gpa Bell

Rosemary said...

Very nice Ashton! What great memories!

Unknown said...

You Rock Ashton!