Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

I am one lucky girl!!

 Getting the camera set up and on self timer mode. This is a good shot capturing our Sunday mornings!
Bell Family
Ashton-8, Cooper-3, Weston-6, Nixon-3 ( I love how everyone assumes that Cooper is the "older" twin because of his size. Even though the twins were born in the same minute, Nixon is technically older by maybe 10 seconds. I don't think we will ever tell them who is older).

We had a good Easter this year despite the rain. Of course today (Monday) the sun is shining and the temp is toasty and warm. Too bad it wasn't like this all weekend- Oh well!

Saturday we had a neighborhood easter egg hunt. Because of the rain, they had the younger age group move inside to the racket ball court. Ashton and Weston's age group was outside still. All 4 kids found a good amount of eggs and prizes! The twins loved the easter bunny and even tried to follow him into his "break room". Both Nixon and Cooper waited patiently right outside of the door they saw him disappear into. When he finally came out, they were ready to give him high fives. It was quite funny. 

Because of the time change, we don't have conference weekend until following weekend after Easter. So we got to go to church on Easter. Of course the Easter Bunny left some treats for the boys in the morning. 

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