Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fuja family comes to Tokyo!

Tokyo Tower!!

This ninja happened to be walking around Tokyo Tower the day we were there :)

They were filming a live tv program at Tokyo tower and they asked all kids to join in a game. It's just japanese rock, paper scissors. Ashton and Weston joined in along with about 30 other japanese kids. Weston won the whole thing (all done in Japanese) and won that stuffed Tokyo Tower. I guess my kids just like being on camera wherever we go!

The Ninja restaurant 

It was both Weston and Alexa's birthday celebration night!

Alexa wearing her kimono to church :)

This was on our way to the airport. Sad day!

Saying goodbye at the airport. Holding back tears :(

The fish market! 

Eating the freshest sushi we will ever eat! 

Who comes to Tokyo and doesn't karaoke the night away? Not this family!

Ashton had a shoot, so Mimi and Alexa got to see behind the scenes . The designer is actually very famous and he was at the shoot! Awesome!

The tower of terror at Disney. Such a scary ride!! 

The tower of terror!! Ashton isn't too sure lol!

We LOVE uncle J's face :)

My dad disappeared for a while and then we heard someone calling to us! He had found his way to the top of the castle!

Dad enjoying some ramen

More ramen!

Our favorite Gyoza place in Omotesando 

You can't come to Tokyo and not ride the trains!

The famous Shibuya crossing 

Cooper getting a hug from grandpa 

JJ read lots of stories

Can't forget the jet lag!!

I am so thankful that my family came to see us in Tokyo. It is such a long expensive trek, but it was so fun to show them where we live and what we do. The boys hadn't seen them in 2 years! The twins were only 4 months old the last time my family saw them. So this visit was extra special.
Thank you for coming to Tokyo. We love and miss you guys and look forward to next summer!

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