Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Break!

Our houseguest for the weekend….Buzz!

Nintendo commercial shoot (no tooth, tooth)

Round 1 arcade

Science and Nature museum

Tokyo International Film Festival 

Red Carpet Doraemon event

Weston's music video shoot

Father/son campout

The twinners waiting for big brothers to come home

halloween party!

Uniqlo view

Niko niko park!

Walk home from niko niko park 

Fall Break (full of fun!)
1. Babysat Buzz, the school's bunny, for the weekend
2. Nintendo 3DS commercial shoot for Ashton
3. Round 1 arcade with the big boys
4. Nature and science museum 
5. Doraemon red carpet event for Ashton and Weston
6. Music video shoot for Weston. He charmed the pants off the girl band
7. Hurry to Shinjuku station after music video shoot to meet daddy and Ashton for their father son campout.
8. Father son campout, and softball game for daddy
9.Hurry home and get ready for a Halloween party (Caroline Kennedy's dog almost peed on Nixon lol)
10. Uniqlo job for Ashton ( the view from the Uniqlo jobs are amazing)
11. Niko Niko park (40 minute walk) with all 4 kids and NO nanny. We brought a picnic and played away the morning.

Whew!! The boys are back at school and feeling refreshed. Looking forward to halloween this week!

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Rosemary said...

What a great week! The boys looked great! All love from Gpa Bell