Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Catching up!!

We ended the summer with a trip to the New Sanno pool. Daddy was in Hawaii (boo!) for work, so we headed out to play as well :) The big boys mainly swam in the deep end. Me and the twins stayed on this side of the pool and waded around together. 

The boys have really enjoyed earning their own money through modeling. They get a cut from every job and can choose something with their earnings. Ashton's choice is often legos. He is very good at following the directions and creating his masterpieces. The boys also enjoy making their own creations out of their legos. Spaceships, crossbows, cities, and cars to name a few.

The twins are obsessed with helicopters. There are a ton that fly over the city so we can spot many throughout the day. 
Now that their brothers have started school again, we have enjoyed long walks, park trips and play dates with friends to fill our days!

The boys modeled a ton during the summer, but now that school has started, we have slowed waaaay down. It has been nice to pick and choose what the boys do. This picture above was waiting for our agent before a Meiji chocolate audition. Both Ashton and Weston were finalists and Weston ended up getting the job. The client decided he wanted younger kids for their concept. Weston ended up climbing a life size chocolate bar! The following week our agency called and said that the Meiji clients had a gift for Weston. He was pleasantly surprised to get a huge box full of all sorts of treats!

And of course, we can't forget school starting! This is Ashton before leaving on his first day.

And this is Weston after he got home from school. Not even enough energy for a quick game of x-box!

Both boys 1 week into the school year:)

Weston auditioned for a clothing line located in Osaka (about a 6 hour drive from Tokyo). The audition was here in Tokyo but it was after a shoot for Weston. His hair was crazy but he still looked awesome! He tried on several outfits from the company and then our agent sent in the pictures of all the kids.  We were happy to find out that he got the job! We hadn't been to Osaka yet, and Weston was excited to finally ride the shinkansen with me (I have taken it with Ashton several times). We left Tokyo at 8pm because Weston had gotten another quick job the night that we needed to leave. Our original ticket was for 9:00, but I was able to change them at the station. We got into Osaka around 10:30, hopped in a taxi and drove 20 minutes to our hotel. Weston was so excited that he couldn't fall asleep. Luckily his call time wasn't until 9 the next morning!

(the crew from the shoot. The designer is the one in the tie)
He shot with his good friend Haylee! I was so happy that my friend Kristen (Haylee's mom) was there and we had a really fun time! The shoot went great and on our way home, we found out that Haylee and Weston booked a Burberry job together! 

My friends threw me a 30th birthday dinner! The restaurant was amazing and there was a live band playing:) After dessert we went to Karaoke! It was a fun night with some of my favorite people :)

The twins headed out to play!

Ashton on his school playground

The twins' check up!
Nixon is 93cm tall which is in the 95th%tile. Weight was12.5kg which was 60%.
Cooper was 99cm for height and 16.5kg. He was over the 100th % for both height and weight. 
They are both big boys, healthy and happy!

We hung out at our ward carnival. We ate yummy food and won 3 goldfish!
This picture is of daddy and the twins checking out the band!

The boys love snowboarding. So what better way to get in some boarding than at a skate park! We had early school year parent teacher conferences last Monday. Just checking in with teachers and parents to see how the kids are adjusting so far. Both boys got excellent feedback from their teachers. We are so proud of the students that they are. And both have been adjusting to being back into the routine of school wonderfully. This was their reward after conferences! I think we will make it a weekly activity though:)

And last but not least, soccer stared for the boys! The last 2 years they have taken lessons from the british soccer academy. This year they decided that they wanted to do soccer at their school and play with their school friends. This just means that I get to ride their bus to pickup on Wednesdays, pick up Weston at 2:30, hang out on the main campus until Ashton get's out at 3:30. Send Ashton to change and meet up with his team and then take Weston to the roof soccer field. Both boys have lessons for an hour, then we walk to the train and head home. Makes for a long afternoon, but I'm glad that they are loving it!

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What a great post! Thanks for keeping us up to date! The boys all look great, and so do you Shayna and Tommy too! Love you all! The twins are growing up fast! Gpa Bell