Thursday, February 7, 2013

Different stages-our big boys.

This morning while I was trying to get through an interval training run at the gym, my mind wandered off and started thinking about each of my boys. Before I knew it, my run was over and my heart was full because I am so blessed to be a mom to 4 healthy, happy children.
I want to document the things our older boys are doing now. They are only 17 months apart, and enjoy a lot of the same things. But they are oh so different.

Ashton. You will be 6 in 2 weeks. You are in kindergarten and are a leader in your classroom. People gravitate towards you and your self confidence. I am amazed at how well you do at new things. You rarely get nervous whether it's for an audition, a talk or scripture in church or other challenges that arise.  Yesterday you performed some of the new karate moves in front of the whole class-and you did great.
You are very smart and like to make sense of everything. We love hearing about all of your thoughts and ideas.
Being the oldest you have a lot of responsibilities. You are always the first to ask if I need help with the babies. This morning you heard them in my room and came in to see if you could help me bring them downstairs for breakfast. Yesterday, you helped us all get to soccer. You quickly changed into your uniform, helped Weston get into his and then offered to carry both backpacks and coats to practice so that I wouldn't have to. 
You are very tall and skinny. We are constantly buying you new shoes and pants because you are growing so fast! You have lost 2 teeth, but the new ones have already grown in. 
Some of your interests include:
writing stories and notes to people
skylanders (xbox)
Mine craft on the iPad 
We are impressed at the young man that you already are.

Weston. You are 4.5 and have a contagious smile and laugh. You are our silly boy. Always telling a joke or saying something funny. You like to tickle the babies and they giggle so much when you play with them. 
Your teachers tell us that you are a leader too in your class. They say that you are very kind to others. You like to sing and dance. In fact, your dance moves are really good! 
You are extremely good at math. Even your teachers see it. You like to point out all numbers. You are always counting and looking for numbers to read. 
You are a natural born athlete. Any sport that you try you are good at. We are excited to see you excel at sports.
Your favorite food is Pizza. But you also eat Japanese ramen and gyoza like crazy! 
You are very outgoing and will talk to anyone! You can strike up a conversation very easily. 
You love to snuggle and I enjoy when you sneak into our room and sleep at the bottom of our bed.
Some of your interests now are...
nerf guns
curious george
baking with mom
super heroes 
What a happy boy you are. You are growing so fast.

I am so happy to see our boys at different ages. It is fun to see them both interact with their friends. It is fun seeing them try new things. 
At times being a parent is frustrating. They fight us about bed times, dinner and homework. 
Sometimes they fight with each other and drive us crazy. But that is just part of the ride. 
And we are thankful to be their parents.

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Meet the Templins said...

What cute boys! They sure have grown up.