Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's official....

Ashton and I have been taking Karate together now since October. At the beginning of December, we went and tested for our blue belts. It is a very serious test and only offered twice a year (once in December and once in June). After we tested, the Grand Master and other prestigious black belts lectured us on our techniques and offered up help to perfect our moves. They told us that they would deliberate and have the results in less than a month. After Christmas, Ashton and I were happy to be informed by our sensei that we had passed the examination! Just last week, our blue belts and certificates came and so he presented them to us! 
Now we are learning the blue belt moves. They are very difficult and we have a lot to learn. 
I am so happy that I get to do this activity twice a week with Ashton. I enjoy seeing him learn and master new things and I, too enjoy the challenge!

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Marianne and Brad said...

Congratulations to both of you!! That is awesome!