Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our twins are 1:)

Balloons for the birthday boys!

I am so in love :)

Nixon with his bed head and cupcake

Cooper did not like cake! 

Ashton singing to his brothers

Cooper being Cooper :)

Our happily ever after

Nixon sharing his cake with me

We did a chocolate/funfetti swirl cake

Getting ready to blow out the candles

The aftermath 

Nixy and Coop 

Wow, has this year flown by! 
One year ago we were cradling our new, healthy twin baby boys in our arms at the hospital. 
I remember hearing both of them cry for the first time. I remember the doctor showing me each one. 
I remember them quieting down and snuggling together in the same bassinet as soon as they were swaddled. 
They were perfect, and they were ours. 
2 days later we took them home from the hospital and dove right into twin baby mode. 
It has been one exciting year. 
At 8 weeks old, the babies took their first plane ride across the country to Washington D.C.
At 3 months old they were given a name and a blessing.
At 4 months old we moved to Tokyo, Japan.
Also at 4 months old, they decided that they didn't want pacifiers anymore.
At 5 months they started army crawling and both got their 2 bottom teeth.
At 6 months they started crawling on their hands and knees and their two top teeth popped through.
At 7 months they started pulling themselves up to things.
At 8 months they each got 2 more teeth and started interacting more with each other.
9 months they started walking along the furniture.
10 months was their first Christmas and Cooper decided to get 2 more teeth (8 total for Cooper, Nixon has 6)
11 months they are standing on their own and taking small, wobbly steps.
And here we are at 1 year! 
Favorite toys are their banana toothbrushes.
Favorite foods are nursing a few times a day (YAY FOR MAKING IT ONE YEAR NURSING THE TWINNERS!) and pretty much anything we are eating. Rice, eggs, bread, mashed potatoes, avocados, crackers, cereal etc. They love baby food especially when fed out of their Boon spoons.

They are growing so quickly. Ashton and Weston adore them and love that they can each play with a baby. The twins already race over to the older boys and try to wrestle with them. 
Happy Birthday Nixon Sawyer and Cooper Hunt!
We LOVE you! 

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Rosemary said...

Wow! What a year. . . so happy for you all and especially for Nixon and Cooper! Happy Birthday Big Boy Twinners. . We love you.