Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Walking....with some help :)

 Cooper has the best posture when he sits :)

 Nixon coming to check out the camera!

Hey Mom!!

The cutest babies ever! They are already heartbreakers :)

Cooper is really into that story!

Nixon loves to kneel

The last few days I have left the babies at their "play table" only to come back to find the table clear across the room. Most of the time they like to stand, sit or kneel at the table. But every once in a while they walk the table to another spot. I think Santa needs to bring them some push toys. They can pull themselves up to anything and everything. Nixon loves to crawl into the bathroom and pull himself up to the tub. Cooper likes to get into his toy box. 

The twins are at such fun stages. They can say mama(on command), dada and nana. I am working on some sign language with them also. 
They are still nursing, but they looooove all baby food. They have also started eating soft breads and crackers. With them eating so well it gives me the opportunity to stay out for longer periods of time. A few weeks ago I left them with the nanny for 5 hours and they did great! Today I went out for lunch with some friends and left them for 4 hours. I sure do miss them when I'm gone though.

Ashton and Weston are so in love with these babies. They love to hold, wrestle and cuddle them. 
Soon we will be chasing the babies-I think walking is right around the corner!


Rosemary said...

Loved these pics of the twins! They are getting so big!

Meet the Templins said...

What cuties! With two kiddos so scheme, they will probably get into more stuff? I love that they push their table along to walk! So fun to see how big they are getting.