Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A day in the life of a model

Wardrobe change

Positioning the models

Waiting for his next shoot


Fun props 

**all pictures taken with my iPhone--we will post the real deals when we get them

This particular shoot was for Miki House(print and web). Ashton had more fun playing with the props and other models then he did with the actual shoot. 
Today Ashton, Weston and I are off to venture out on the trains to a shoot for LArc-en-Ciel. They are a famous Japanese rock band! Weston is beyond thrilled (even though the band probably won't be there!)

I will post about Westons day out with Tommy while Ashton and I were at the Miki house shoot-stay tuned!


Rosemary said...

Nice. Can't wait to see

Kathy Bell said...

So cool! They've got the perfect kids for the job! Good looking and good personalities. I'm excited to see the pro versions!

Kathy Bell said...
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Marianne and Brad said...

So cute! It is like deja vu haha. Ashton is a little Tommy! Can't wait to see the other pics.

Wendie said...

So cool! When will see start seeing your boys on billboards? I hope you are doing well. We miss you!