Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Super Family :)

Happy Halloween from the Super Bell family!!

Super Parents!

Weston making his Halloween card

Pumpkin bowling


Our Super kids!

 Ashtons school carnival

Ashton and Jackson

 The super family at a halloween party!

Halloween was a big affair this year. We decided to go with a super hero theme and it was fun!
I was able to participate with both boys at each of their halloween parties. Westons was last friday and I was the photographer. I happily followed all of the kids around and snapped away. Weston had so much fun with the preschool and his teachers. His costume got a lot of compliments and laughs :)
Ashtons halloween carnival was yesterday after school. He ran around with his friends in his costume and enjoyed getting into his role as Iron man.
Of course the babies had to be a dynamic duo-Batman and Robin!

Trick or treating on the compound was really fun. There were so many kids and so much candy! We invited some friends over who live off of the compound and the kids had a blast. 
By the end of the night we were all exhausted. 
Ashton and I sat down after his pj's were on and ate too much candy while he did his homework.
Morning came too early today, but we made it on time to school. 
Happy Halloween everyone!

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Marianne and Brad said...

What cute costumes!! You guys all looked great together. Wish we could have celebrated with you! We miss you! Tell the boys we miss and love them!