Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our fun filled crazy, busy thanksgiving vacation!

Modeling job Thanksgiving day


The twins loved this play area

Cooper getting ready to go down the slide

Tommy relaxing in the massage chair 

Nixon on the slide

The big boys playing soccer

Babies in the play area

Mommy racing 

The pirate ship restaurant 

Our favorite road near our house

 Our thanksgiving feast... it was perfect for us!

 Look at how big our Cooper is! He is relaxing after eating thanksgiving dinner!

We had a very busy but fun thanksgiving break. Nixon had a modeling job on Wednesday and then was asked to come back on Thursday afternoon. After his shoot (on Wednesday), we came home to the older boys, had dinner and then stayed up way too late watching movies. We had Ashtons parent teacher conferences at 8:00 Thursday morning, so Tommy and I woke up and went and enjoyed visiting with his teachers. Nixon's call time was at 1:00 so after lunch Tommy drove us to the studio so we wouldn't have to deal with the trains. Tommy came to pick us up around 5:00p.m. and from there we went straight to a big arcade/play center called Round One. We all enjoyed the games and activities and being together as a family. They had a large play center for babies equipped with massage chairs for the parents. Tommy and I enjoyed them while the twins crawled around. We left the arcade to go get some dinner at a pirate ship restaurant. The food wasn't great, but it was a neat place.
We woke up on Friday and spent the morning preparing our thanksgiving feast. We ate around 2:00 and it was delicious! We had forgotten to buy sparkling grape juice (a tradition we do on thanksgiving) so me and the boys made a 7-up/fresca/kool-aid concoction that ended up being really good. 
We spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing xbox(the boys new favorite past time). We ate pumpkin, coconut cream and lemon meringue pie for dinner and then snuggled up to more movie watching.
The rest of the weekend was spent (online) Christmas shopping, playing, relaxing and of course eating yummy left overs!
This break left us pining for Christmas vacation :) Can't wait!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Our family away from family...

Friends. Something I am so thankful for. 
These are fun, fun people. Not only do we both have 4 kids, but our last two are both twins!
We have a lot in common and get a lot of attention when we are together. 
Our kids adore each other and it is a tornado/crazy house whenever we get together.
But it is fun and we are always laughing.
We took each others Christmas card pictures this year and had to snap some silly shots together. 
They are on vacation this week to Okinawa and this morning Weston said
"I'm bored without Amelia and Kevin!" (they are in his preschool class).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A day in the life of a model

Wardrobe change

Positioning the models

Waiting for his next shoot


Fun props 

**all pictures taken with my iPhone--we will post the real deals when we get them

This particular shoot was for Miki House(print and web). Ashton had more fun playing with the props and other models then he did with the actual shoot. 
Today Ashton, Weston and I are off to venture out on the trains to a shoot for LArc-en-Ciel. They are a famous Japanese rock band! Weston is beyond thrilled (even though the band probably won't be there!)

I will post about Westons day out with Tommy while Ashton and I were at the Miki house shoot-stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Walking....with some help :)

 Cooper has the best posture when he sits :)

 Nixon coming to check out the camera!

Hey Mom!!

The cutest babies ever! They are already heartbreakers :)

Cooper is really into that story!

Nixon loves to kneel

The last few days I have left the babies at their "play table" only to come back to find the table clear across the room. Most of the time they like to stand, sit or kneel at the table. But every once in a while they walk the table to another spot. I think Santa needs to bring them some push toys. They can pull themselves up to anything and everything. Nixon loves to crawl into the bathroom and pull himself up to the tub. Cooper likes to get into his toy box. 

The twins are at such fun stages. They can say mama(on command), dada and nana. I am working on some sign language with them also. 
They are still nursing, but they looooove all baby food. They have also started eating soft breads and crackers. With them eating so well it gives me the opportunity to stay out for longer periods of time. A few weeks ago I left them with the nanny for 5 hours and they did great! Today I went out for lunch with some friends and left them for 4 hours. I sure do miss them when I'm gone though.

Ashton and Weston are so in love with these babies. They love to hold, wrestle and cuddle them. 
Soon we will be chasing the babies-I think walking is right around the corner!