Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our fun filled crazy, busy thanksgiving vacation!

Modeling job Thanksgiving day


The twins loved this play area

Cooper getting ready to go down the slide

Tommy relaxing in the massage chair 

Nixon on the slide

The big boys playing soccer

Babies in the play area

Mommy racing 

The pirate ship restaurant 

Our favorite road near our house

 Our thanksgiving feast... it was perfect for us!

 Look at how big our Cooper is! He is relaxing after eating thanksgiving dinner!

We had a very busy but fun thanksgiving break. Nixon had a modeling job on Wednesday and then was asked to come back on Thursday afternoon. After his shoot (on Wednesday), we came home to the older boys, had dinner and then stayed up way too late watching movies. We had Ashtons parent teacher conferences at 8:00 Thursday morning, so Tommy and I woke up and went and enjoyed visiting with his teachers. Nixon's call time was at 1:00 so after lunch Tommy drove us to the studio so we wouldn't have to deal with the trains. Tommy came to pick us up around 5:00p.m. and from there we went straight to a big arcade/play center called Round One. We all enjoyed the games and activities and being together as a family. They had a large play center for babies equipped with massage chairs for the parents. Tommy and I enjoyed them while the twins crawled around. We left the arcade to go get some dinner at a pirate ship restaurant. The food wasn't great, but it was a neat place.
We woke up on Friday and spent the morning preparing our thanksgiving feast. We ate around 2:00 and it was delicious! We had forgotten to buy sparkling grape juice (a tradition we do on thanksgiving) so me and the boys made a 7-up/fresca/kool-aid concoction that ended up being really good. 
We spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing xbox(the boys new favorite past time). We ate pumpkin, coconut cream and lemon meringue pie for dinner and then snuggled up to more movie watching.
The rest of the weekend was spent (online) Christmas shopping, playing, relaxing and of course eating yummy left overs!
This break left us pining for Christmas vacation :) Can't wait!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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ej said...

Love seeing the modeling pics! I bet they adore the twins :) Scarlett had a shoot on Thanksgiving day too, it was a great day cuz dad could help.
And the play place looked cool too, why don't any of ours have massage chairs??!!
Happy Thanksgiving!