Monday, August 6, 2012

Someone is missing a tooth!

Ashton had to have a mohawk just like his new friends Liam and Declan!

Ashton lost his first tooth yesterday! We were eating a peach (the japanese peaches are amazing!) and he asked "Mom, is my tooth bleeding?" Sure enough it was. So we grabbed a paper towel and went to the bathroom to wiggle it the rest of the way out. He was so brave! The tooth went flying and I thought we had lost it to the sink drain. Luckily, it landed on the cupboard.
We put the tooth in a zip-loc bag but between showing it to everyone and the busies of the day, the tooth got lost :( At bedtime Tommy helped Ashton write a note to the tooth fairy on the iPad explaining what had happened to the tooth. They sent it off and this morning Ashton had 2 USD's and 100 Yen under his pillow!! 
Thank you tooth fairy! 
Ashton will probably be losing the tooth next to this one this week also-it is very wiggly!

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Kathy Bell said...

I remember losing some of my teeth as a kid and it does take bravery! I see some videos on the show Funniest Home Videos of the creative ways to pull it and just the anticipation and the look on the kids faces is something I think everyone can relate to. Great job Ashton for being so brave!