Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I think they like it :)

**pictures taken by Ashton on my phone

Although I will continue to nurse the babies until they are at least a year old, we thought that some cereal would be fun to try today! They both really liked it and were begging for more. Ashton and Weston didn't care much for baby food and basically went from nursing to table food. We will see if the twins are any different!

Ashton babysitting his sleeping baby brothers!

We have also had a big built in babysitter/helper in our house recently. Ashton has learned how to pick up and carry the babies around. He helps bring the babies to me, hold them when they are fussing and even watches them while I shower and get ready in the mornings. It is such a help having an older kid around! Weston is a little rough/wild helpful too, he just needs some help still when picking them up. We have found Cooper "wrestling" with Weston on a few occasions ;)

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