Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Exactly one year ago today...

 First ultrasound 8-1-11

Exactly one year ago from today, August 1st, 2011, Tommy and I found out that we were having TWINS!! It was the biggest shock/surprise of both of our lives. Our story begins here...

It was December of 2010 and we had both tossed around the idea of having another baby. It just didn't feel like it was time yet. We knew our move to Japan would be the following summer of 2012, and neither of us wanted me pregnant during that move. So we decided to wait until June (6 months later) to start "trying" for another Bell baby. Fast forward to June and we found ourselves pregnant. How lucky and blessed were we to get pregnant the second that we wanted to. Little did we know about the surprise waiting for us at our first ultrasound.
My first Dr's appointment was scheduled for Aug. 1st and I couldn't wait. Not only to see our little baby but to get on some anti nausea medication. I planned to go to the appointment by myself (since Tommy had been to many ultrasounds in the past with our other babies) and have T stay home with the boys. I got to the dr and did the whole check-in routine and was brought back to the ultrasound room. 
"Well, there is one baby" the dr said "There's another baby, and let me make sure there isn't another one."
I could distinctly see 2 babies on the screen and my eyes were horridly looking for a third. My heart was thumping and my eyes filled up with tears threatening to spill if there were actually 3 babies. Luckily, there were only 2! PHEW! After what seemed like an eternity the dr confirmed that we had gotten pregnant naturally with  TWINS(identical)! My near tears quickly turned to smiles and excitement.I couldn't believe that we were having twins. I couldn't wait to get home and tell T.

That is where our journey began with the twins. I am mainly writing this for journaling purposes, but also because I can't believe that exactly a year has past since that initial appointment! 7 months later we were blessed with two 6.5 lb, 21.5 inch long baby boys. They were perfect and healthy. They were born healthier than most full term singletons. And they were 4 weeks early! 
In those 7 months leading up to their birth we said many prayers, Tommy gave me many beautiful blessings and we attended more doctors appointments than we can count. We are so blessed to have these babies and our older boys. And now our family is complete!