Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treat! or "candy and treat"

This was such a fun weekend!
Minus the tremendous growing pains I was feeling and one of the babies laying right on my sciatic making it hard to walk, we had a blast.
Saturday was spent getting pumpkins and painting them, enjoying some family time and then going to trunk or treat.
Grandpa and Grandma Bell were able to spend the evening with us.
The best compliment of the night was when a lady in our ward timidly asked me if I was pregnant or if it was my halloween costume! She was shocked because she had no idea and hadn't noticed that we were expecting. And when I told her I was 21.5 weeks pregnant with twins, she almost died! It was too funny.

The boys weren't shy at all when it came to asking for candy.
Weston even changed his "trick or treat" to "candy and treat".
Forget the trick, he wanted candy and a treat!

The boys came home and checked out everything they got and sampled a few treats.
They even slept in their costumes!
Can't wait to take them out again tonight.
Happy Halloween :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween festivities

Ashton had a great day at school on Wednesday at his fall festival.
He got his face painted, decorated and ate cookies, picked a pumpkin and lots more.
We are kicking off halloween this weekend with a pumpkin patch/carnival tomorrow morning and trunk or treat in the evening.
Heres to a "spooktacular" weekend!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My brothers keeper

I love the ages our boys are at now.
I am also loving that they are so close in age. It has been a real help this pregnancy because they are each others built in playmates.
These pictures are of them playing pilot and co-pilot.
They built the plane out of chairs and had a good time flying, crashing, and even skydiving.
Other things they have been playing is school and store. We have a drawer in our kitchen with change in it and the boys love to empty it out and buy things from each other.
I'm sure there will be fights in the future, and times where one will be "cooler" than the other, but for now they are each others best friends.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Update on the babies

Had a very healthy ultrasound today.
For an update on the babies, click on the '2 is New' link to the right!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heaven has another angel

June, 2011

Elwood Canfield Hunt
(November 8, 1925 - October 15, 2011)

You were reunited with your sweetheart on Saturday! I can only imagine that joyous reunion.
I know that my mom, Shar was also there with open arms to welcome you.
And though my heart aches a little knowing that on this earth you won't ever hold these 2 baby boys being sent to us, it gives me peace to know that you are holding them now, helping to prepare them for their time in this world.
You were a great example. Always loving and caring.
You were always content to just sit and watch and listen.
I am so happy that you are where you are now.
I am so happy to be your granddaughter.
I love you Grandpa.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Great Grandma Monson

Bessie Woodward Monson
(October 27, 1921 - October 9, 2011)

Remembering my sweet Great Grandma Monson today.
She passed away last Sunday, just 18 days before her 90th birthday.
She was met in Heaven by many loving arms, but mostly her sweet husband who passed 23 years ago. What an amazing reunion that was I'm sure!
Her funeral is today, and though I am not able to be there, my thoughts and prayers are with my family who is.
So thankful for the knowledge of the gospels and forever families-especially at times like these.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Miramar air show!

We have enjoyed the Miramar air show every year that we have lived here in San Diego.
This time we invited Grandpa and Grandma to come check it out too.
The boys loved the planes (even though they were really noisy) and they also enjoyed the ground raids that the soldiers demonstrated.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

We were able to go visit a science museum a few weeks ago with our friends.
The kids had so much fun exploring and experimenting with all of the different hands on centers that they had.
It was a fun afternoon out and we hope to get back!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

a blog for the babies

Some of the "multiples" websites that I've joined have given the advice of starting a pregnancy journal or blog. Something to record thoughts, emotions and changes throughout the pregnancy.
I liked the idea of this because someday I would like to print it out in journal form and share it with these little boys. Or at least have for my amusement in the future.
It's nothing fancy, and the comments button has been turned off.
Feel free to check in on these babies by clicking HERE or on the '2 is New' button to the right.
Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

These smiles say it all!

It is so nice to be able to refer to these babies as "he's"!
It has been natural for me to call them boys for this whole pregnancy, but now it is official.
The boys were so happy to hear the words "baby brothers".
Yesterday we had yet another ultrasound. We get them every 3 weeks, and yesterdays was so fun!
The Dr. spent an hour with us measuring each baby and getting us fun pictures of feet and profiles. Both babies are growing wonderfully and she said that their anatomy was beautiful. Great news!
Also, all of our genetic testing and screenings have all come back with perfect numbers!
This pregnancy has been extremely high stress. With multiples there are so many things that can happen and so many problems that can arise that we feel so blessed that thus far, everything has been pretty smooth.
Every ultrasound we hold our breaths until we see our little boys and know that they are healthy.
We love them so much already. There is nothing like seeing 2 babies growing and kicking and waving.
We are so blessed that these baby boys were sent to our family. We can't wait to meet them in February!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things (while pregnant with 2)

I'm sitting here waiting for photos to be uploaded from this last weekend and feeling these babies kick and move like crazy. I thought I would journal some of the things that ensure my pregnancy with multiples is the best it can be.

Item #1-The best book that I have read thus far on multiples and having a healthy pregnancy. My friend Lindsey just had twins over the summer and has gladly let me borrow this book. This book focuses a lot on nutrition and the right balance of food so that you can have healthy weighing babies. This being said brings me to...

Item #2-Thus far, I have unfortunately only gained 4 lbs. By 18 weeks with multiples the goal weight gain is a little over 20 lbs. By 20 weeks you should have a weight gain of 25 lbs. As soon as we heard this, we ran to Costco to get these Ensure drinks. Containing 350 calories of pure vitamins and healthy fats. I have trouble drinking these because they are so sweet, but I am willing to do anything.

Item #3- My friend Magen introduced me to. Amazon moms is great at finding deals on baby gear, diapers, wipes formula etc. And a lot of times shipping is free and you get it in 2 days.
Let's face it, we need double the gear and want to get it all by Christmas. The dr's are saying to have all the necessities ready by the first of February.

Item#4 & #5- Nights have been a lot more comfy with this pillow and Tempur Pedic mattress topper. My hips, back, tummy (i guess everything) is thanking me.

Item #6- I ordered this tummy cradle last week and will be wearing it the second it arrives on my doorstep.

Item #7 & #8- Burt's Bees Mama Bee oil and lotion. My skin thanks me every time I put this on. I have avoided stretch marks with both of my previous pregnancies. Here's to hoping these items will help me with these twins and all of their growing and stretching.