Sunday, October 9, 2011

a blog for the babies

Some of the "multiples" websites that I've joined have given the advice of starting a pregnancy journal or blog. Something to record thoughts, emotions and changes throughout the pregnancy.
I liked the idea of this because someday I would like to print it out in journal form and share it with these little boys. Or at least have for my amusement in the future.
It's nothing fancy, and the comments button has been turned off.
Feel free to check in on these babies by clicking HERE or on the '2 is New' button to the right.
Hope you enjoy!


Unknown said...
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sharielle:) said...

i love this idea!! you are such a wonderful mommy!! i hope to be as fantastic as you when i start having kids! (: i love you! (ps..that unknown comment was me haha i wasn't signed in at first and i thought "unknown" looked sketchy) lol

Rosemary said...

:) all smiles here