Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treat! or "candy and treat"

This was such a fun weekend!
Minus the tremendous growing pains I was feeling and one of the babies laying right on my sciatic making it hard to walk, we had a blast.
Saturday was spent getting pumpkins and painting them, enjoying some family time and then going to trunk or treat.
Grandpa and Grandma Bell were able to spend the evening with us.
The best compliment of the night was when a lady in our ward timidly asked me if I was pregnant or if it was my halloween costume! She was shocked because she had no idea and hadn't noticed that we were expecting. And when I told her I was 21.5 weeks pregnant with twins, she almost died! It was too funny.

The boys weren't shy at all when it came to asking for candy.
Weston even changed his "trick or treat" to "candy and treat".
Forget the trick, he wanted candy and a treat!

The boys came home and checked out everything they got and sampled a few treats.
They even slept in their costumes!
Can't wait to take them out again tonight.
Happy Halloween :)

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