Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Twin update-They are getting so big!

Baby A's foot next to B's head (ready to kick!)

I think the babies knew that we had another ultrasound today. All morning they were kicking and punching. Even during the ultrasound they were all over the place.
We were ecstatic after our appointment today. We met with the specialist again and had an hour long ultrasound re-measuring everything to make sure we are on track.
The babies are measuring right on! Baby A is 14 ounces and B is 15 ounces. Almost a pound each! All of their anatomy is perfect, the amniotic fluid is excellent and my cervix is super meaning no signs whatsoever of pre-term labor.
The Dr. gave us an A++ for this visit and said she couldn't be happier with these babies and this pregnancy.
We feel so blessed to have things going so well so far.
Thank you for all of your continued prayers. They are being heard!