Monday, September 26, 2011

Time is flying

Weston and I enjoyed the Dr. together this morning while Ashton was at school.
We got to peek in on these beautiful babies and watch them move and tumble.
Next week we will be halfway through (a twin pregnancy) and time is flying by.
I am so thankful for ultrasounds and for healthy babies.


The Crowley's said...

are you guys going to find the sex of the babies?

Bell Family said...

Between seeing 2 dr's and having appointments every 2 weeks, we could have known a while ago what these little babies are. But we are just trying to enjoy the surprise of having twins and we are still so excited about that that it hasn't felt right to find out just yet what we are having. We will eventually, but aren't really in a rush :)

Jeff and Kathy Bell said...

yay for healthy babies. such a special time!