Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Carlsbad aquarium

Katie and Ashton building with Legos
Ashton and Katie touching the star fish
Westie getting a turn (he wasn't as excited to touch the fish)

About a month ago, we were able to go to the Carlsbad Aquarium (at Legoland) with Grandma and Katie. Unfortunately, Kim had just flown back to Utah the day before, so we missed her!
The boys loved having them there to run around with and I was thankful for the help (this was right in the middle of peak "all day sickness").
I think the boys liked the sharks the best and of course building with Legos.


Andrew said...

The little guys look so happy! Great family activity. I wonder if we have an aquarium somewhere? :-)

Jeff and Kathy Bell said...

how fun! The pictures taken through the glass with the boys in the bubble looks like it could be an ad for the park. haha