Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some fun facts!

Babies @ 8 weeks
Babies @ 10 weeks
Baby B @ 13 weeks
Baby A @ 13 weeks

First off, we would like to thank everyone for all of the calls, emails, facebook notes and blog messages congratulating us.
There have been a lot of questions regarding the babies so I thought I could address some of them on the blog.

Yes, this pregnancy was planned! Tommy and I have talked about having another baby for the last year or so, but we wanted to check some things off of our "list" before we added more to our family. A couple of the major things was our trip to Hawaii and me running in a half marathon. The marathon that I wanted to do wasn't until June, so we decided to wait and see how we felt then.
These twins were not a result of any fertility treatments. We were just lucky to get pregnant right away, and with 2 babies at that.
A lot of you speculated that our chance of having twins was pretty high already because Tommy has twin sisters and on my moms side of the family (the Hunts) there are a ton of twins. But actually identical twins are not hereditary. The chance of having identical twins is about 3 in 1,000.
So there are the facts folks!
Stay tuned for a post about our trip to Texas :)


Crystal said...

I love them both already! Can't wait to find out if they are he or she! I am so excited for you guys! Keep those pics coming... and belly pics too!

Jeff and Kathy Bell said...

Wow I am so excited for you guys Shayna. What a special time. I can't get over that its identical twins! I am so looking forward to finding out the gender and hearing more about how you are doing. Keep us posted! And if you need anything from us dont hesitate!