Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day!

Ready for school!!!
Brotherly love! Weston was SO excited when we went back to pick Ashton up.
Ashton and his bucket for preschool. We had fun decorating it over the weekend.
This is what I found when I walked back to my car after dropping Ashton off!
I had to play "pick the right van" (ours is second from the right).


ej said...

ha ha, the vans- that is classic!
Ashton looks so cute for his first day of school!

Marianne and Brad said...

Yay Ashton! I can't believe he is in school. They are getting so big!

The Crowley's said...

The Vans= Awesome, but you really need to take a step up in the world and get a Sienna aka Swagger Wagon