Friday, September 3, 2010

Ashton starts school!

We have a very excited 3 year old on our hands and he cannot wait to start school next week.
This last week was a "pre" preschool week full of orientations and meeting his teachers. Ashton had a great time and seems to be a pro at the whole school thing already. He is also a good head taller than all of his other classmates so that made his daddy happy:)
Grandma and Grandpa Bell were able to be with us on Tuesday to meet Ashtons teachers. We were very impressed with them and he was so polite.
I have to admit that I was a little emotional the night before orientation. On Thursday morning after all the parents dropped the kids off at their classrooms we were directed to the meeting and I felt so at peace. I love this school. I love all of the directors and teachers (thanks again Melanie for your sweet recommendation. We couldn't be happier) I love how structured, clean, and organized the campus is.
Ashton is in the Panda room and will start full time next week!
Here is to the 2010 school year starting off well!

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