Monday, September 13, 2010

Fam's visit to San Diego!!!

Jameson and Tommy playing Xbox

Can we say M&M's?

"JJ" and Ashton
Boogie boarding!
Alexa and her mermaid sand sculpture
"MiMi", Alexa and the kids
"Shar and Shay" foreva! Ha ha
Love this picture! So animated
Sharielle, Mom and me!
The boys burying JJ
Shar and I
MiMi and Westie bear
Jameson getting burried

Tommy and Jameson stayed home and let My Mom, Sharielle and I go to the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love'. It was awesome, but we went to the late show and didn't get home until 1:30 A.M. This is how we found Ashton and Alexa. All tuckered out!
Boys playing Wii.........gotta love Mario Cart
My family (minus my dad and one sis) was able to come to San Diego and spend a whole week here. We did so much and the boys were in HEAVEN with all of the attention and the week full of play.
We did Sea World, the beach, ate out, ate in, played games, went on walks did the beach some was awesome!
I was also able to take my sisters senior pics while she was here and we had a great time at La Jolla cove doing that. Man did we get some great shots (we will save those pics for another post).
Can't wait for you guys to come out again! The beach is calling!

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Peter and Jen Bell said...

sounds like fun. we'll be out there soon too (oct. 30th); we are excited to see you guys.