Friday, September 17, 2010

We love our visitors!

Tommy and Mamma Bell
Grandpa relaxing in the shade
Westie and Grandma at Ashtons preschool orientation
Grandpa and his boys
Hi Grandma (at La Jolla cove)
The boys LOVED wrestling with Grandpa anytime, anywhere!
We were so happy to have GREAT Grandpa and Grandma Bell join us for Sunday dinner

The "show me your muscles" pose
Grandma and her boys!
The boys loved digging in the sand with Grandma
Me and Ashton
Me and Weston

Grandma and the boys making my birthday cupcakes....YUMMMO

Our summer wouldn't be complete without a visit from Grandpa and Grandma Bell!
We were lucky enough to have Grandma Bell here for 2 whole weeks and Grandpa for 1 week.
We had so much fun playing, visiting, beaching and everything else we do here in San Diego!
The boys LOVE the beach. Weston actually was a little afraid of the ocean, but Ashton, Grandma and Grandpa showed him it was too fun to be afraid. He is now an ocean/wave pro.
Thanks for the fun visit! Come back soon:)

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Rosemary said...

And I had a wonderful time! When can I come back? One can never have enough fun in the sun with the bonus of being with such cute grandkids! We love you guys!