Monday, May 24, 2010

Mimi's visit!

Lovin' on Mimi
Finding treasure in the sand
Getting ready to race out to the water

Testing the water
Going for rides
Westies snuggle buddy

Mimi(a.k.a.grandma/my mom) has been here visiting us this last week. She left today and we sure do miss her.
We had so much fun playing and can't wait to see her again.
The boys loved showing her around San Diego and especially playing at the beach.
Thank you Mimi for coming to see us! We love you and miss you!

-Highlights of our week-
ashton standing on his tip-toes to get to ride the bumper cars
date night (thank you mom for watching the boys)
picking up Mimi from the airport
walking around seaport village
movies almost every night
pizza...nuff said!
mission bay
froYo! Yum!
in n out
del mar

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Blvd.!!

Walt Disney Concert Hall

They were setting up for a red carpet movie premier

This was the boys' favorite site!

Oh how I love his shoes!
Good ol' Louis


Juicy Couture

Beautiful Temple

We have taken a few adventures up to L.A. to see the sights.
We explored around Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and even drove past Jay Leno's house.
The last time we went it started to downpour on our way there and continued to do so the whole trip, so unfortunately we had to see the city through the windows of the car.
We still got some great pictures and it is such an amazing/interesting place.
Hopefully we will get back more this summer and actually get out of the car!

Friday, May 14, 2010


A.K.A. the Gazebo :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 peas in a pod

These two are truly so cute!
They always seem to find each other at playgroups and stay together pretty much the whole time!
Isn't she the cutest! I just love her.
Ashton just looked at these pictures and exclaimed "hey mom, that's my friend Giovanna!"
I love that they play so well together.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2 part post.

This past wedding weekend, Tommy and I found ourselves reminiscing about our own wedding 6 years ago.
Inside the temple we were reminded of some of the wise words that Tommy's Grandfather shared with us at our own ceremony. It was a lovely "brush up" of what marriage is all about.
It seems sometimes like T and I have been married for a long time, but really 6 years is nothing. We are still learning and growing from each other everyday.
And we have an eternity to continue to do so.
We have really been striving to "live in the moment" and enjoy our lives and adventures now.
Yes we have future goals and long term plans but rarely will you hear us say "maybe 10 years from now" or "when the kids get older".
Now is where we want to be, and we want to be here together.

The second part of this post also has to do with our wedding.
We often laugh at how bad we are (and were) at taking pics of ourselves.
We always have the camera out for the kids, or other family.
I remember back a few years ago when blogs didn't exist, and cameras weren't attached to phones or small enough to fit in a purse and you can only imagine the kind of picture stash I have of T and I pre-marriage, or earlier on (let's just say it's scarce).
So now that I am both blogging (for journal sake) and have more accessible cameras, I would like to make a quick post about our 6 year anniversary activities.

T and I both got dressed up and headed out to Mr. A's, a french restaurant with an amazing view.
We dined on lobster bisque, spinach salad,prime beef short ribs, lobster pasta, chocolate fondont and butterscotch french toast with roasted pineapple. YUM!
We ate and enjoyed as slow as possible.
You can see in the picture above the city in the distance and the ocean. After sunset was absolutely beautiful!

I am so thankful for the 6 years that we have had together.
I'm thankful for weddings of our siblings and friends and the small reminders of our own "special day" and the promises we made to each other.
And I'm thankful for blogs, journals, cameras etc. that help us document these occasions,
so we can look back at good times, bad times and everything inbetween.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My "no sugar" update

Well, I am happy to announce that I completely finished P90X about a month ago.
I had so much fun doing it, and would like to thank Tony Horton for all of my new muscles!
Just in time for summer.
I am continuing to do the "maintenance" for the program and am enjoying my new found knowledge of muscle confusion, what parts of the body to work out, when to rest certain muscles etc. Now I feel instead of blindly lifting weights with no rhyme or reason, I can actually target different muscles, and I have a great routine down.
I would highly recommend P90X!
I tried the "no sugar" thing, and I was neutral about it.
I definitely am doing good at limiting the treats, but I'm not stressing about a few m&m's here or there. I really didn't feel a difference as far as my energy went.
I would like to try some 10k's this summer, and here in San Diego are some great ones.
Mist, you are definitely tempting me with your invite to the triathlon in August... hmmmm.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Jeff and Kathy May 1, 2010

Happy couple
Kathy (love the veil)
Ashtons best friend and dance partner, Kelli
The twins with Westie bear rockin' the shades
Marianne with Westie bear
Jeff getting ready to party
All the brothers

In love
The first dance
The boys with daddy
Enjoying some cake
All us girls dancin' away
We are happily exhausted after this weekend.
It was Jeff and Kathy's wedding out here in California, and we were able to see and be with family and friends.
We headed up to Redlands on Friday afternoon and hung out with everyone before the rehearsal dinner that night. The boys had fun playing with Aunts, Uncles and of course Grandma and Grandpa.
After dinner we headed back to home for a good nights rest.
The ceremony was at the San Diego temple and was very beautiful.
Tommy's Grandfather (the one who married us) also married Jeff and Kathy. He did a great job.
Next we waited for the now married couple to come outside of the temple for pictures. Kathys dress was gorgeous and we all loved her veil.
After pictures we all headed to In-N-Out for a much needed lunch.
Lucky for us we are only about 20 minutes from the temple so we took the boys home for a nap in their own beds so that they could get rested for the reception.
We definitely partied it up at the reception, and we all had fun dancing the night away.
Family, friends, cake, music, and dancing makes for a good night-and weekend.
Congrats Jeff and Kathy!