Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My "no sugar" update

Well, I am happy to announce that I completely finished P90X about a month ago.
I had so much fun doing it, and would like to thank Tony Horton for all of my new muscles!
Just in time for summer.
I am continuing to do the "maintenance" for the program and am enjoying my new found knowledge of muscle confusion, what parts of the body to work out, when to rest certain muscles etc. Now I feel instead of blindly lifting weights with no rhyme or reason, I can actually target different muscles, and I have a great routine down.
I would highly recommend P90X!
I tried the "no sugar" thing, and I was neutral about it.
I definitely am doing good at limiting the treats, but I'm not stressing about a few m&m's here or there. I really didn't feel a difference as far as my energy went.
I would like to try some 10k's this summer, and here in San Diego are some great ones.
Mist, you are definitely tempting me with your invite to the triathlon in August... hmmmm.