Sunday, May 16, 2010

Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Blvd.!!

Walt Disney Concert Hall

They were setting up for a red carpet movie premier

This was the boys' favorite site!

Oh how I love his shoes!
Good ol' Louis


Juicy Couture

Beautiful Temple

We have taken a few adventures up to L.A. to see the sights.
We explored around Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and even drove past Jay Leno's house.
The last time we went it started to downpour on our way there and continued to do so the whole trip, so unfortunately we had to see the city through the windows of the car.
We still got some great pictures and it is such an amazing/interesting place.
Hopefully we will get back more this summer and actually get out of the car!


Kristie said...

Looks fun even on a rainy day!

The Crowley's said...

Sweet, and I love Cheryl Crow!