Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We just couldn't wait to post these pictures!!! :)

Our "scary" faces!!
Our "puppu" and his daddy!
"Come on guys, let's go to this house"

Ashton, I mean batman walking to the "scary" house
"Trick or Treat"

Trick or treating was priceless this year. Set aside the fact that the temp outside was a perfect 70 degrees, the boys had so much fun! Ashton was so into the whole ordeal and that made it really fun. Weston was a good sport and wore his "puppu" costume proudly. Everyone thought that they were adorable, and our neighborhood/community was awesome and so festive. There were so many kids out, and neighbors sitting in their front yards just watching and enjoying the trick or treaters. At one point a guy in a scary mask and cape answered one of the doors, and after Ashton reluctantly chose his candy he let us know that "he's not real, he wasn't really scary, he was kinda nice". We got a good laugh out of that. After we got back towards our house Tommy and Weston went home to pass out candy while I took Ashton to a few more houses. Ashton nonchalantly let Tommy know that "me and mom are going to have some fun". And yes we did. When we finally got home, the boys dumped out their loot and wasted no time digging right in. We finished our Halloween watching the new Ice Age together, and then the boys quickly went to bed. We are still on the mend with our colds, feeling a lot better, but still not ourselves yet. We are grateful that we were well enough to go out tonight and have this experience as a family. It was very fun, and definitely made a memory for all of us!
Happy Halloween 2009!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BYU/San Diego game

T and I had so much fun on our "date night" to the BYU game. We picked up the babysitter around 2:30 and rushed to meet T's parents at the game. We enjoyed watching BYU win, and the weather was great. We were both comfortably dressed in shorts and t-shirts (I put on my hoodie just as the game was ending). After the game we ran down to the field to yell to T's brother Jeff, #58 on the team. We met up with the rest of our group and headed to Cheesecake for dinner. Unfortunately the wait was 2 hours, and our babysitter was clocking $10 an hour so we changed destinations and enjoyed some good mexican food. It was nice getting out of the house just us two! The boys were both in bed when we got home and the house was nice and clean. All was well :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Please excuse our absence...

Yes it's true. H1N1 has infected our family (minus T) and it hasn't been pretty (not that any type of sickness is). Imagine all of the worst cold/flu symptoms possible all wrapped up into one-for the last 6 days. Sore throats, FEVERS, body aches, coughs, congestion galore, throwing up,hospital/doctor visits, numerous calls to nurses-you name it we've had it. We couldn't have done it without T though. He has been super dad and husband and we THANK YOU. We hope to be up and running again soon. This sickness has really wiped us out. Stay tuned for pictures of grandma and grandpa Bells visit... hope this finds you all healthy and well :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Visitors and Sea World

We were able to spend a few days with my grandparents on the last leg of their Hawaii/cruise vacation. The boys were so excited to see them, and couldn't wait to take them to Sea World. It was beautiful weather, and at one point we were even wishing we had ignored the cool morning and thrown on shorts. When we got home we had a nice bbq and enjoyed visiting some more. Thanks for taking the time to visit us! Come back soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We love our country!

This is Weston on our walk back to the car taking a little rest. I think he was feeling the vibrations on the ground when the very loud planes were flying over. It was so cute!
The boys found a puppy or "puppuh" like Weston calls it on our walk back. They stopped for a while and chased it around.
Weston loved walking around and following Ashton.
These are some of the "Blue Angels". They were amazing. There are 6 planes total, and these 2 were doing a cool trick.
Blue Angels

Us having a great time
C-130 a.k.a. Fat Albert. He was the opening act for the Blue Angels.
Ashton checkin' out a motorcycle
Weston out cold
Tommy easily holding a missile launcher.
Me holding a M-240 heavy machine gun
Tommy holding the M-240
Me holding the missile launcher-It weighed 48lbs.
The boys in front of a new humvee replacement vehicle
Ashton with his earplugs in!
Watching the planes

These are the Patriots L-39's
Me and the boys in the C-5 Galaxy
The boys checking out the C-5 Galaxy-This thing was HUGE!
This is a modern F-16 Fighting Falcon with a WWII P-51 Mustang
This is the C-5 Galaxy from a distance
The boys checking out the sights
We had such a fun weekend! I can honestly say that we are all exhausted from being in the sun and walking around so much. The Miramar Air show was here and we spent some time checking it out. The boys did so so great. They rode around in the stroller so well and we all enjoyed ourselves. This show was awesome to watch and it gave us a new appreciation for our country and those who serve for it. The show was at the M.C.A.S. Miramar (Marine Corp Air Station). It was amazing to see all of the airplanes, helicopters, hummers etc. up close. Walking through the big C-5 Galaxy was really a "wow" moment especially when Tommy made the comment when we were walking off of the plane "imagine walking out these doors and into war territory and desert". There were so many men and women in uniforms walking around and helping answer questions at the different displays. All weekend Ashton has been using anything as airplanes to fly around. Maybe we'll have to switch up his halloween costume and find a pilot one :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Soooo good!

We have really enjoyed some good food here in San Diego. One of our favorite dishes is fish tacos, usaully made with Mahi. I decided to make *salmon fish tacos last night for dinner and they turned out delicious. We used the uncooked tortillas and grilled them right before we ate. Ashton and Weston both enjoyed them too!

*Uncooked salmon filet seasoned and cooked in olive oil and fresh lemon juice
Pico (diced tomatoes, green peppers, onions, cilantro)
shredded cabbage
chipotle ranch dressing (chipotle sauce or seasoning mixed with ranch)
uncooked tortillas

Super easy, super fun, super yummy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Until the sun goes down...

Check out that tummy!

Between getting ready for the day, naps, lunch and running errands, my promise of taking the boys to the park will have to wait until the sun goes down a little bit. It got really warm too quickly today and we should have just gone this morning (early. Like before 8 because by 8 it was already in the mid 70's). On the way home from the grocery store the car said it was 89. WOW! Not to fret though. Even if we are in shorts during the day, come 6:00 and we need a light jacket and maybe even jeans. So instead of the park this afternoon the boys got to jump on the bed and get their energy out. At least until it cools off a little bit. I love fall in San Diego :)