Sunday, October 4, 2009

We love our country!

This is Weston on our walk back to the car taking a little rest. I think he was feeling the vibrations on the ground when the very loud planes were flying over. It was so cute!
The boys found a puppy or "puppuh" like Weston calls it on our walk back. They stopped for a while and chased it around.
Weston loved walking around and following Ashton.
These are some of the "Blue Angels". They were amazing. There are 6 planes total, and these 2 were doing a cool trick.
Blue Angels

Us having a great time
C-130 a.k.a. Fat Albert. He was the opening act for the Blue Angels.
Ashton checkin' out a motorcycle
Weston out cold
Tommy easily holding a missile launcher.
Me holding a M-240 heavy machine gun
Tommy holding the M-240
Me holding the missile launcher-It weighed 48lbs.
The boys in front of a new humvee replacement vehicle
Ashton with his earplugs in!
Watching the planes

These are the Patriots L-39's
Me and the boys in the C-5 Galaxy
The boys checking out the C-5 Galaxy-This thing was HUGE!
This is a modern F-16 Fighting Falcon with a WWII P-51 Mustang
This is the C-5 Galaxy from a distance
The boys checking out the sights
We had such a fun weekend! I can honestly say that we are all exhausted from being in the sun and walking around so much. The Miramar Air show was here and we spent some time checking it out. The boys did so so great. They rode around in the stroller so well and we all enjoyed ourselves. This show was awesome to watch and it gave us a new appreciation for our country and those who serve for it. The show was at the M.C.A.S. Miramar (Marine Corp Air Station). It was amazing to see all of the airplanes, helicopters, hummers etc. up close. Walking through the big C-5 Galaxy was really a "wow" moment especially when Tommy made the comment when we were walking off of the plane "imagine walking out these doors and into war territory and desert". There were so many men and women in uniforms walking around and helping answer questions at the different displays. All weekend Ashton has been using anything as airplanes to fly around. Maybe we'll have to switch up his halloween costume and find a pilot one :)


ej said...

What an awesome weekend, the air show looked amazing, love you holding a ginorm machine gun, that's what I'm talkin about!!!

Rosemary said...

Loved the pictures. I remember taking Tommy to the blue angels air show in Boise he was around ten or twelve though. It looks like you all had a fun time. Looking forward to see you all soon. Wow looks like Weston is walking like a big boy! Love ya

Brad & Marianne said...

ok I LOVE the picture of Weston laying on the ground and the one of Ashton with his earplugs!! They are so cute and funny! I can't wait until Thanksgiving to hang out with you guys!!

Heather Telford said...

that is so fun.. My Dylan would have LOVED that he hears airplanes when he is inside and runs to the windows to see them freaking out.. What a fun adventure.. :) And Shayna you look GREAT by the way.