Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We just couldn't wait to post these pictures!!! :)

Our "scary" faces!!
Our "puppu" and his daddy!
"Come on guys, let's go to this house"

Ashton, I mean batman walking to the "scary" house
"Trick or Treat"

Trick or treating was priceless this year. Set aside the fact that the temp outside was a perfect 70 degrees, the boys had so much fun! Ashton was so into the whole ordeal and that made it really fun. Weston was a good sport and wore his "puppu" costume proudly. Everyone thought that they were adorable, and our neighborhood/community was awesome and so festive. There were so many kids out, and neighbors sitting in their front yards just watching and enjoying the trick or treaters. At one point a guy in a scary mask and cape answered one of the doors, and after Ashton reluctantly chose his candy he let us know that "he's not real, he wasn't really scary, he was kinda nice". We got a good laugh out of that. After we got back towards our house Tommy and Weston went home to pass out candy while I took Ashton to a few more houses. Ashton nonchalantly let Tommy know that "me and mom are going to have some fun". And yes we did. When we finally got home, the boys dumped out their loot and wasted no time digging right in. We finished our Halloween watching the new Ice Age together, and then the boys quickly went to bed. We are still on the mend with our colds, feeling a lot better, but still not ourselves yet. We are grateful that we were well enough to go out tonight and have this experience as a family. It was very fun, and definitely made a memory for all of us!
Happy Halloween 2009!


Rosemary said...

Super, so cute. Glad that you and the boys had a great night. The boys look so Grrrreat! Love ya

Jennifer said...

How fun!! I'm so glad you were all feeling well enough to enjoy the night and go out Trick or Treating!! You can tell in all of the pictures that Ashton was LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT... even without your retelling the events... and Weston was about the cutest little PUPPUH that this Mimi has ever seen. I'm glad you all had a great night!! Happy Halloween... counting down the days to Thanksgiving now!! Love you all!!!

Brad and Marianne said...

I love both of their costumes, but westy looks adorable!!! Can't wait to see you guys soon :)

Peter and Jen Bell said...

So cute! We're so excited to see all of you soon.