Thursday, November 5, 2009

More visitors

GrandpaB, Ashton, Weston and Daddy
GrandpaB, Ashton
GrandmaB and Ashton

La Jolla Cove

Uncle Jeff and Ashton
San Diego zoo

I guess we wore Westie out
Ashton feeding the goat

"hmmm, I don't know about this"

On the skyride at the zoo

Thanks for visiting Gma & Gpa B and Jeff (Jeff stayed with us an extra day after playing in the BYU/San Diego game that we attended)! We had fun!


The Crowley's said...

I can never let Mike see this post, because if he see that you cut your boys hair short he will be that much more convinced we need to do it to our boys! Looks like fun, miss you- are you coming to utah at thanksgiving?

Rosemary said...

Such adorable children! I loved spending time with you. Going to the Zoo and the beach. Playing with the boys. Eating In & Out! Just spending time with you. I had a great time and love all the things life in CA does have to offer! Great to be there and can't wait until my next visit.

Brad and Marianne said...

Gosh the boys are getting so big!! Don't let them grow up too much before we see them at Thanksgiving :). Can't wait to here Weston talk! love you guys